High-voltage, high-performance fuses

Power stations, substations, overhead power lines: Of the many energy utility installations that ensure our vital electricity supply, most people only take notice of the big, visible features. As far as many consumers are concerned, electricity still simply comes out of the wall. But that things are far from that simple is a story the energy utilities could tell every day.
But to prevent matters from reaching a pitch where people notice that something is wrong because the power has failed, the operators take precautions by investing in good time, and not just in the visible infrastructure. This extends from the transformer via cable and wire to the consumer. SIBA products protect this infrastructure - and thus make their own contribution to the reliability of our energy supply.

HHA-BC US Style Capacitor Protection HHA-BC US Style Capacitor Protection
HHB Oil Insulated Switchgear HHBM-BM BS Bolted Motor
HHD DIN Transformers Main Line Capacitor


HHD DIN Transformers Main Line Capacitor


HH Specisalty Fuses

HH Specialty Fuses



HHPT-Fuse PT Protection PT Protection Fuses
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SIBA SMD Fuse voted Product of the Year 2011
SIBA's 160016 fuse voted winner in the "Passive Components" category by the readers of Elektronik magazine.   more


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